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Lemon Citrus

A heavenly interfusion of Green Tea & Zesty lemon.
An exquisite blend of naturally detoxifying condiments such as ginger, lemongrass & lemon peel come together with authentic Ceylon green tea to create a uniquely flavourful combination.
Once infused, the whiff of citrus & natural ginger creates a therapeutic aroma, only to be enhanced by the perfect balance of zesty lemon & lightly brewed tea upon the first sip.
Enjoy feeling refreshed with a tea that is light on your tongue and soothing down the throat.

** Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until olive gold.

Youth Berry

Meet the tea bag that contains the very berry family!
With a berry sweet & tangy welcome note harmoniously incorporated into a mild brew, this tea brings out the perfect twist of flavours.
Prepare to be enriched with the sharp edge of Ceylon tea embraced by a lingering fruity note. A refreshingly sweet & sour after taste will leave you yearning for more.

**Best brewed at 100° for 2-3 mins until a light cherry pink.

First Blush

When fruity meets floral.
With an uplifting fragrance of a garden in full bloom, this cuppa is set to take you right into spring. It’s sweet & sour fruity note teases your palate into a complex fusion of tea & flora creating an invigorating concoction.
Muffled notes of vanilla & rose gently kicks in the after taste, recreating the perfect tea time indulgence.

**Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until a light blush of pink.

Apple & Cinnamon

A marriage of fruit & spice that has never been more celebrated.
Once brewed, the fruity note of Apple tinged with Cinnamon- Sri Lanka’s most exotic condiment, lures your taste buds into a finer indulgence of mild bodied tea with sour & spice.
Delicate undertones of lemon & blackberry can be picked up in the middle offering a tart & astringent flavor that is distinctively satisfying.
Here’s to a healthier substitute of good ol’ apple pie!

**Best brewed at 100° for 2-3 mins until golden bronze

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