Fruit Tea Infusion

Overall pack relish a unique tea experience


Red Berry

Very Berry Fiesta
Experience the aura of a walk in a berry farm coupled with a burst of her distinctly sweet & sour flavours. This exquisite blend releases the taste of a full bodied tea with its middle note giving off a tangy sensation.
The perfect combo of a pleasantly astringent brew interlaced with the unique relish of berries.

**Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until amber red.

Orange Soursop

Citrus Vibes
A robust liquor that blooms with the energy of citrus only soon mellowed by the sharpness of fine tea.
A slightly acerbic note embraced by the refreshing flavours of a zesty soursop cordial.

**Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until Tangerine.

Tropical Fruit

The Tangy Punch
A dive into this cuppa brings out the tartness of pineapple interlaced with the sweetness of mango and the warmth of pure Ceylon green tea. Bursts of orange brightens the experience that much more, leaving prominent zesty connotations.
This liquor is set to receive your palate with all the perfect vibes to quench your thirst on a hot summer’s day.
A Mild bodied tea that is delightfully refreshing on every note!

**Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until Sunset Orange

Peachy Apple

Tutti frutti fun
A well rounded cup with the playful aroma of fruit gummies.
This delicate liquor is set to tease your taste buds with mild bodied tea engulfed by the satiating sweetness of apples. A naturally saccharine blend that complements each active ingredient beautifully in a waltz.

**Best brewed at 80° for 2-3 minutes until Medallion yellow

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